Monday, 7 November 2011

X Factor USA

I have a love/hate relationship the same as most sensible human beings with The X Factor and related programmes. The UK X Factor this year is particularly terrible. I don't even want to get started on what a talentless bunch of rubbish the finalists are. It's excruciating. The only possible reason left for watching is for conversation fodder.

The X Factor USA, on the other hand, is awesome. I don't care that nobody's talking about it, because I'm getting to see performances that I actually want to look up on YouTube and watch again. Even the worst are a million times better than the UK show's best. If I were ITV, I'd can the UK version and start showing the US one on Saturday nights instead, before the nation realises they're feeding it dog meat.

This is Drew. She's fourteen. Whaaaaaat.

This is Stereo Hogzz. They make The Risk look like an embarrassing accident.

Stacy is pretty good, but equally important to note about this clip is how FREAKING HOT Enrique Iglesias looks.

This dude is SIXTY.

Another just plain great singer.

X Factor UK is dabbling with the odd bit of rap this year, too. But it's nothing on Astro. Who is FIFTEEN.

Josh looks like Scott Frabbit.

Rachel is THIRTEEN.

So yeah. Stop watching X Factor UK. Start watching X Factor USA. Make your life better.

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